“Edit 1st’s services are first rate! I found them to be extremely helpful and easy to work with. They offer professional, in-depth insight and comments. Are easily accessible for questions and feedback, and their work is comprehensive in scope taking in the totality of your work, with respect to grammar, plot and voice. I completely recommend them to anyone looking to make a good story great!”
David Lamb, Award-winning Playwright and Author

“If you are an author or writer of any genre, I cannot express enough how tasking and financially exhausting it was to find a detailed, careful, and Type A editor (sorry Carol-smile) who would keep you on task, accountable, and free of worry about how your final product would turn out. As a self-published author and doctoral-level academic, I trusted Carol to take my book, Diva Decisions, from a work in progress to a polished and proud product that was delivered on time and critically proofed and edited for technical elements, but also massaged to reflect a language, tone, and style that resonated with young, modern career women. She delivered, and I can’t say enough about the knowledge, experience, expertise, and professionalism that was given throughout the process. I highly recommend Edit1st and the team for peace-of-mind editing and consulting.”
Dr. V. Brooks Dunbar, Author of Diva Decisions

“As an author, I know the importance and need of a good editor. I found Edit 1st as a result of a bad experience that turned into a disaster when it came time to release my sophomore novel. What I didn’t know was that what I thought was the worse experience I could have ever go through would turn into a professional relationship that I can’t imagine not having with future projects. I had the pleasure of working with Carol Taylor who is absolutely amazing! Her work is remarkable and I secretly don’t know how I got through my debut novel without her. Her expertise has elevated my thoughts and words to an entirely different level and for that I am truly grateful. I thank God for Edit 1st. This company’s timeliness, ability to meet tight deadlines, professionalism and overall results equates to a standard of quality that is out of this world. I know for a fact that from this point on I have no need to look any further when it comes to the professional editing of my novels. If Edit 1st can do it for me…they can do it for you too. What are you waiting for? Give them a chance!”
Cherry, Author of Heads Over Tails

“The services I received from Edit 1st were invaluable to my book. Time and attention was given to me and my project beyond what I expected. Putting my manuscript in their very capable hands was one of the wisest things I’ve done during this entire process. They were professional and insightful and seem to know what my vision was for the book after only a few brief conversations. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to take their book to the next level.”
Leroy Wilson, Author of Reversal of Trends

“I’ve used different edit services before, but think Edit1st’s offering is superior. The fact that you can have your manuscript undergo a preliminary manuscript review is very useful, as it allows you to fix many issues before the actual edit takes place, and provides you ways of addressing issues beforehand. I enjoyed the excellent communication of what was happening, and at what time, and the thorough nature of the final edit, which allowed me to get my novel in a published state much faster than expected. Thank you!”
—Maarten Hofman

“I recommend Edit 1st for thoroughly excellent work. Their detailed manuscript review, perspectives, and insightful commentaries have helped me to infuse added dimension to my writing. I appreciated their timely responses and diligent efforts on my behalf.  I look forward to working with them on future projects.”
—Geoffrey Freeman, Founder & CEO, Spectrum Publishing & Media Productions, LLC

“As a first time writer, I found working with Edit 1st to be educational, and rewarding. The editor I worked with was knowledgeable and accomplished, and what I expected from someone with her experience. The feedback I received from Edit 1st has furthered my resolve to continue writing and to get my book, A Black Man’s Views in the U.S.A., published.”
—Wayne Bess, Baltimore, Maryland

“I highly recommend Edit 1st. Their editor Carol Taylor is the best! I am thoroughly satisfied with her line editing and review of my manuscript. Throughout the process she displayed consummate professionalism in communication and timeliness. She produced the final product when she stated she would. She challenged me to clarify my ideas. She explained her rationale for her recommendations while leaving decision-making to me. I came into the world of authorship with no knowledge of what editing was about. I am thankful that she guided me through the grammar and syntax portion without pain. I feel confident that I am much better prepared to write my next manuscript because of what I learned from a master teacher. I look forward to working with her and Edit 1st again.”
Herman Fountain, Author of When Minorities Lead America