Our Services

Manuscript Review:
A short assessment of your manuscript by one of our editors, to judge what we think it needs–such as a line-edit, an editorial letter, proofreading, copy editing, or a combination of those.   This fee is deducted from the final fee for the overall work. The review will provide a fee quote for the recommended work and proposed schedule for completion of the work.   (Read an example of a Manuscript Review)

Fees for the following services vary depending upon your project; please contact us for details.

Carefully reviewing the manuscript for typographical errors, grammar, usage, consistency, narrative tone and details.

Marking up the hard copy of the manuscript, line by line, for grammar, usage, consistency, plot, pacing, narration, characterizations, to make the story and pacing flow better.

Inputting Line-Edits:
Inputting the line-edits into the manuscript.

Editorial Letters:
For manuscript development, sometimes an editorial letter is best at addressing overall issues of plot, pacing, character and/or story development before line-editing.

Copy Editing:
Similar to proofreading, but more in-depth. Carefully reviewing the manuscript and correcting errors in spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, syntax, tense agreements, and overall inconsistencies, while remaining true to the author’s voice. The copy editor will also check for style, and provide a style sheet to document style and format, as well as cross-check facts to ensure accuracy.

Conceptual Editing:
Helps to refine the overall concept or the idea or plot.

Creating Book Proposals:
You don’t need to write an entire book to get a book deal. What you need is a book proposal. A book proposal pitches your book to literary agents or book editors. A proposal shows the agent or editor how your work is different from the competition, while it identifies a need in the marketplace and showcases your writing and platform.

Creating Query Letters:
Ranging from one to five pages in length, the query letter provides a synopsis of your book and a summary of your market and platform. It gets a literary agent or an editor interested in seeing your fiction manuscript or nonfiction book proposal.

Creating eBook Back Ad Copy:
Descriptive sales and marketing copy for your eBook or your promotional materials.

Consultation on eBook Publishing:
Discussion with client of the details of eBook publishing.

Developmental Editing:
Working with the author to develop the manuscript from the initial idea, outline, or draft; providing recommendations on content, organization, presentation; helping  to find and/or refine the author’s narrative voice.

A ghostwriter works with the writer to expand on the writer’s story, or nonfiction idea,  to help the writer write the book in the writer’s authentic style and voice. A ghostwriter differs from a co-writer because the ghostwriter’s name does not appear on the cover.  Ghostwriting can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. It is at least double an editing fee because we are writing the book for you and also editing it. But if you are committed to it and to working closely with an editor we can help you get your book written.

Typing your handwritten manuscript into a Word document and formatting it for fiction or nonfiction.